Balance of Urban Space

I decided to research the balance of urban space in the city of Warsaw (where my family originally comes from). I used coordinate-dots representing location and density to create a playful and unique pattern.

The history of any city becomes visible in its structure, in its roads, its architecture, its park names, and in whom its inhabitants decide to commemorate. The accumulation of certain institutions and monuments ‘reveal’ the true priorities of local governments. I accumulated and analysed the data [such as categories and GPS-coordinates] for this project myself.
Additional city landmarks, such as parks, the Vistula river, and cemeteries have been added in order to make the identification of important locations easier. This project resulted in informative posters, a short movie, and an artistsbook, each providing a unique and more detailed perspective on the information.


In addition I created an informative film that introduces the topic in an accessible way to the viewer.
Duration : 3,5 mins


The accompanying artists book offers detailed information about each category, with each individual topic and GPS data clearly presented.