Sylvia Czachorowska is a designer & fiber artist living and working in Belgium, Germany, and Poland. 
BA Art History, University of Hamburg, Germany
BA Graphic Design, KASK Conservatorium, Ghent, Belgium
MA Media & Information Design, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium

As an art historian turned data designer, Sylvia lies her focus on language, historical, and scientific topics. Drawing on her academic background, she visualises complex narratives and tries to draw attention to overlooked themes, often using a hand-crafted approach. Her creative practice includes artworks based on data, book design, UX/UI design, infographics.

Sylvia's modern embroidery designs are handcrafted, little pieces filled with care, passion, and an eye for detail. Her embroidery designs stand out through their strong colours
and original design. Drawing inspiration from bacterial and microbial forms, ancient geometry, and Art Deco, her works are a combination of her academical and artistic background.
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motion design
hoop sizes & pricing
13cm / 5 inch     ~  approx. 55 Euro
18cm / 7 inch     ~  approx. 63 Euro
22cm / 8,5 inch  ~  approx. 70 Euro
30cm / 12 inch   ~  approx. 77 Euro
35cm / 14 inch   ~  approx. 85 Euro
Prices may vary due to individual use of material and time effort.

If you want to collaborate or commission an embroidery piece, write me  at

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