On what inspires me...

oct. 2019

On a small note, I spend September until November in the US. As most of my time was enjoyed in the little town of Ithaca, NY, I got to witness the beautiful Indian Summer and observe sqirrels to prepare for winter. As I am currently in between projects, I decided to use my time crafting some of my favourite projects. Since all of my family is scattered around Europe and beyond, I have made - for years - hand-crafted cards that will bring them joy, be a tiny piece of playfullness, and make them happy.
Each card is individual, so I decided to share my recent outcomes with you guys. 
img019 Kopie_edited.jpg
img023 Kopie 2_edited.jpg
img017 Kopie_edited.jpg
img024 Kopie_edited.jpg
img021 Kopie 2_edited.jpg
img022 Kopie 2_edited.jpg
img022 Kopie_edited.jpg
img024 Kopie 2_edited.jpg
img017 Kopie 2_edited.jpg
img021 Kopie_edited.jpg

sep. 2019

This month I finally visited NYC for the first time in my life. While roaming around this very photogenic city, I picked up some amazingly inspiring literature [rather a quick read - which was perfect for the long commutes on the subway back to our Brooklyn airbnb]. In order to gather some motivation & courage to start venturing out into the job market, the stories of Mari Andrew [] and Austin Kleon [] were a great read and made me feel less alone in the world. Everyone struggles. 

aug. 2019

While still working at an Art Supply shop [which I still describe as the chamber of lions since being constantly confronted with art supplies is a terrible way to earn money as an artist] I found this beautiful book preparing me for the future as a Graphic Designer. Years ago I fell already in love with the book Golden Meaning by the publishing house GraphicDesign& []. And now this book even had data visualisations by one of my greatest idols, Stefanie Posavec [].