Book design

Masterthesis publication that explores the Hidden History project from an academic perspective.
250 x 180 mm
130 pages 
Missing Ever Since
Publication about the history 2017 and characteristics of the Schwabacher type. This publication functions as a letter proof of the historical Schwabacher font. The book is structured in two parts: a study of the font, and the use of the Schwabacher over time. The typographical analysis of the form gives a small introduction into all Gothic font types, and provides examples of its usage. The historical background traces the fonts story back from the middle ages to its modern use in the 20th and 21st century. My art history background proved helpful in order for me to do the entire concept, research and writing myself.
The Schwabacher Type
197 x 105 mm
edition of nine
96 pages

Balance of Urban Space

The accompanying artists book B.O.U.S. provides all the collected data for this project. After an introductory prologue, each individual institution or building are being persented with their GPS data and the color coding, explaining the meaning behind each icon.


180 x 250 mm

120 pages


book of books_cover.png

250 x 190 mm

120 pages


Wordless Writitng I publication

This is a publication accompanying and explaining the principle and development of my data visualisation process for the Wordless Writing I project.

A Book of (no) Sense

Borges describes in his Ficciones the concept of a universe in the form of an endless library which contains all possible books that are filled with all the knowledge in the world. My concept for this publication was based on the Five Aristotelian and therefore has five chapters about the five senses: touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. The chapters are a humorous twist on their  topic. Originally the texts are in English, then translated using Google translate into 17 languages, and then back again to English. This process of transitioning the text through the most popular languages in the world, imbues the end result with a novel, poetic quality. All chapters have their own individual typesetting resembling classical book design. The qualities of the setting are slightly intensified to increase their unreadablity.
220 x 170 mm
180 pages

Nee Nee Nee

A publication of the poem by Harry Vandrager. This A5 book is a viceral exploration of limited text by playing with texture and type (Avenir). This entire 120 page book was hand-dotted with acrylic paint, each page designed individually to represent the author's intonation. 

210 x 145 mm
120 pages