Wordless Writing I

For this project I created an alphabetical code that visualises the information of an entire book (with the exception of its story content).

The code takes the author's name, the book's title, the page count, and depicts this information in    a circular form.
My goal was to visually communicate written information using simple but striking forms.
The forms you see here represent the favorite books in my personal collection. Although I visualised the data from the contents of my own bookshelf,  this code can - in principle - be applied to literally any textual information, allowing anyone to draw their own circle from their text of choice.
The data for this project was collected, as well as the final visuals drawn, by hand in Adobe Illustrator. This resulted in 69 prints [A4 & A3] that show each individual ‘book’.
This visualisation is contained within two 90 degree lines which are repeated four times, resulting in a full circle. Each word begins across the straight lines, while each letter is located on the circumference of the circle.
each one is one book from my bookshelf
Shown here are analog sketches (later used in the publication). 
PS: Some notes are in German, since I am a native German-speaker.


& notes



This Artist book has two sections:
PART ONE (grey paper) covers my process of creating the final form, the artistic research, and the full inventory of the library (with the original hand-drawn list of the books as an additional feature).
PART TWO (white paper) displays
all the created forms as a catalogue. 
120 pages
H 300 x W 235mm

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